Let's talk materials!

As a luxury leather goods company, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products. We use a wide range of materials from standard leathers like calfskin to more exotic materials such as rabbit fur. 

Let's go over our materials in more detail.

What is embossed leather? 

Embossed leather goes through a treatment using high heat and pressure to create a particular design on standard cow leather. For example, python embossed leather is leather that has a snake pattern embossed on it. 

Embossed leathers are durable, great for everyday use and are a cheaper option with the same look as an exotic skin material.

Take a look at some embossed materials:

The price point of exotic materials are contingent on the rarity and time frame to raise the animal as well as intricacy of textures and colors. Some examples of exotic skins are rabbit fur, alligator, shearling and python. Due to the price point of exotic skins, these items are made-to-order and require a 50% deposit at time of purchase.


Hair-on-hide materials such as rabbit and calf hair are the extremely delicate and prone to shedding. 






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